Uncommon Weight Loss Tips Volume Three

Welcome to the third edition of the uncommon weight loss tips. The third edition is going to tell you about pets and how pets relate to weight loss in some way or another depends on the pet you had I have three the most common pet that which is: Dog, Cat and Fish to work as your weight loss companion .

Dog has the ultimate weight loss companion if I have to say, the dog can accompany you when you are jogging in the morning, and then the exercise is much more fun than doing it yourself alone. And dog also acts as a good food trash can, if you eat steak, but you think it is too many then you do not have to worry about getting it to waste because you can always give it to your dog.

Cat is spoiled pet, where the cat wants your attention 24 hour a day. It's just like babysitting a baby only this time it is a cat. The stress from the cat screaming for food is great as your weight loss tool, but the most awesome thing is when it is mating seasons where the cat would climb into the roof of your house and sing with unbearable sound, making you sleepless at night.

Do you have an aquarium? Well, if you have then it is also a great tool to lose weight. People that watch TV have the tension to have snatched while they watch, but if they watch an aquarium for hours, they usually do not bring any snack. So the fish and the aquarium is a replacement tool for TV because TV and food as a pair work well but food and an aquarium, they do not.

Source by Kareen Solia