The Hidden Truth Regarding Cardio

In traditional civilizations such as ours, countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and other European nations, what is the initial thing that someone thinks about or tells you as soon as the notion of losing weight gets mentioned? You must hit the treadmill machine, stationary bike or even the pavement to burn away those calories!

At first glance, this would make sense, correct? In fact, you are pulling off a great deal of work and you’re breathing heavy and perspiring. Certainly jogging a few miles day after day has to be removing those undesirable pounds like mad, right? Would you be stunned to learn that this is in fact incorrect? No, I am not goofy. Allow me to lay it out for you. Yes, cardio exercise does burn the fat, that is factual. Yes, a little cardio is great for you. Light cardio produces a healthy heart while boosting your stamina.

On the flip-side, heavy cardio training essentially starts to have opposite effects. Before jumping into why, permit me to offer you a simple but logical illustration. Visualize the prehistoric individuals. These women and men are rushing around the Paleolithic planet running down deer, antelope, bison and even an occasional woolly mammoth. The majority of their dieting came from protein from animals and what non poisonous vegetation that they could scrounge up.

Well, if cardio exercise was so beneficial to weight loss, these individuals would likely starve to death while chasing down food sources. All that cardio would burn up their energy supplies quicker than they could even replenish them. However, they did not starve and perish, why?

For starters, a large amount of heavy cardio is very tough on your feet and knees. Secondly, it is also tough on the heart. Excessive cardio exercise essentially starts to add tissue scarring to your heart and boosts your rate of cardiac arrest. We did not know this for some time until numerous clinical tests were done on the matter.

Regarding removing excess weight, extreme cardio really delivers the opposite effect and this is how come. Human bodies are genetically built to stay alive. Our body’s job would be to stock up energy as fuel for both its instantaneous use and then via fat when meals are limited. These days obviously, food is not actually hard to find which means this built in safety element is seldom required. Nevertheless, once you deny your system from the essential vitamins that it needs either by starving yourself with some wild diet or by over exerting your body through tons of cardio, it will start switching into survival mode.

Additionally and regrettably with heavy cardio training the body also becomes anabolic. In other words it starts to burn the most efficient energy source first and that is your muscle and not fat. Have a good look at several of these chronic long-distance runners who compete. A good majority of them are very thin looking and have to pack on the carbohydrates simply to retain their muscular mass.

You need your body burning fat not muscle obviously. It is not exactly all about the calories like so many diet and so-called fitness gurus want to make you think. Calories are simply a way of calculating food energy. Yes, if you would like to slim down, you have to take in fewer calories than you eat. However there’s a lot more to it than this. The most significant secret to losing weight is not running 5 miles each day, depriving yourself of food or even avoiding a few of your preferred carbohydrates. Matter of fact, if you are planning on losing weight correctly, it’s really vital that you do eat a few of your favorite things!

I understand this sounds crazy but it is entirely factual and I can prove this to you! If you know how to utilize your body’s natural solutions to your benefit then it’s totally possible to shed 5, 10 or even 30 plus pounds within just one month without starving yourself, extreme cardio training, absurd workouts and eating anything unpleasant! This is true and I could show you the science that verifies this!

Source by DM Hinman