3 Tips to Burning Fat and Getting Ripped For Summer in 40 Days

Have you ever wondered if it’s really possible to achieve significant fat loss and muscle gain in around 6 weeks? Many workout routines make similar claims though are often hard to implement or fail to deliver the stated results. 

Herein I’d like to give an overview of the three key factors in achieving significant fat loss and simultaneous muscle gain. By the end of this article, you will not only know the details of the three pronged approach, but how to integrate it into your exercise regimen. 

The three key factors are: 

1) Weight training

2) A smart eating plan &

3) High intensity Cardio workout 

Weight Training: 

Lets start with the generally approach of the masses towards fat loss. Many men and women want to burn fat and go about it in a fairly predictable way. They choose to walk or jog, ride or swim; all of which are cardiovascular exercises. This is a good start, though cardio only burns fat for the amount of time you are doing the exercise. When you stop, so too does the fat burning. 

Weight training on the other hand consumes energy both during the exercise and after, during the recuperative phase, hence burning fat for longer. The result of effective weight training, is that you not only get thinner around the middle, but bigger up top and in the legs simultaneously. 


The second factor in effectively cutting fat and building muscle mass in around six weeks is managing what goes in your stomach. Basically, you should aim to eat less, more often. What you eat and when you eat it has a much greater impact on muscle growth and fat loss than you may believe. 

What we are aiming for in this program is to increase your protein intake, while managing your carbohydrates and simple sugars. You should aim to eat 5 to 7 times a day, loading at three meals into the first half of the day and the others throughout the afternoon and evening.

Now, while you will be eating more often, you’ll be consuming less than you may in your regular diet. Let’s take a look at a typical daily meal plan: 

Breakfast: A small bowl of cereal & two boiled eggs. (Carbs & Protein, with a minimum of fat) 

Meal 2 (Mid Morning): A piece of fruit such as a banana or apple, plus a few strips of grilled chicken breast. 

Meal 3: A small bowl of pasta or fried rice. (Carbs to fuel your afternoon, that will take longer to break down.)

Meal 4: A handful of mixed nuts and another piece of fruit. 

Meal 5: Protein Shake Pre workout 

Meal 6: Optional Protein shake post workout. 

Meal 7: Small dinner. 

Basically, by eating smaller meals throughout the day, you will give your body the energy it needs, when it needs it. As you’ll be working out, your body will be hungry for fuel. 

High Intensity Cardio:

The final factor in high speed muscle gain and simultaneous fat loss is a form of cardio workout known as High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT for short. 

In HIIT training, you continue to do the same kind of exercise you’re familiar with, such as biking or jogging, except you alternate between high output and low output over a shorter period of total training time. 

If done immediately after your weight workout, you can cram more fat burning effort into a shorter period of time. HIIT cardio workouts should be limited to around 20 minutes at the outset. 

The result of this integrated approach to weight loss and working out is great efficiency and more noticeable results.

Source by Andrew Edwardson