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8 Exercise Fallacies

1. Crunches will flatten the stomach – You can not spot reduce fat by exercising a specific area. Situps and crunches cannot widdle away abdominal fat. In fact crunches put a lot of stress on the lumbar spine (about 674 lbs. ...Read More

The "I Don’t Knows" of Weight Loss

Three words I hear an awful lot, daily… let’s call them some of the ‘buzz words’ of weight loss… are: “I don’t know.” Some examples.

Before the client gets on the scale.

Me: So, how’d you do over the weekend?

Client: I don’t know.

When ...Read More

Top Diets To Lose Weight

Some food combinations are both tasty and yummy and instead of making you gain weight, you lose weight…

All the best diet plans are based on intake of foods with restrictions on carbohydrates, fats and high calorie products. When you are into ...Read More

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